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1 Oct 2011:
Life got big real fast. Things should, in a couple of weeks, be back in business. In the meanwhile, I hope that I'll be able to do the weeklies.

29 June 2011:
Yes. Back to weekly publications. Sorry about that. Rebooting the strip at #231. Also, the few that were missed in the previous weeks have been filled in. It should now, in theory, update Wednesdays at noon (Eastern).

15 June 2011:
Hmrph. Life sucks. As such, I haven't been able to spend the time creating these at the rate that I wanted to. It also means that I hadn't caught a couple of missing comics along the way. If that doesn't change by next month, I'll have to go back to once-per-week delivery. Hopefully, life won't suck that much. I'd like to keep it at twice-per-week even though the reserves are running quite thin. We'll have to see.

2 March 2011:
So, living up to the name of this comic, #196 was missing for some reason. Well, that reason should be resolved now, so view #196 now.

8 February 2011:
I should probably advertise this comic, huh? Okay, so be it. Welcome aboard, The Webcomic List. Unless that didn't work.


1. the missing panels is a comic about truth, strangeness, charm, ... oh wait, that's particple physics. Well, I'd imagine that that's not too far off actually. If you understand particple physics, then you're probably smart enough to find the humor here... unless I forget to put the humor in, which somedays happens to be the case.

Actually, just take the funny for what it's worth. Sometimes the funny will bring devasting laughter, but most times, I'm just hoping to bring a smile to your face with an interesting perspective. And yes, on occasion, I'll leave the funny out of it, just to see who's paying attention.

2. Important caveat: There is nothing so sacred that it is out-of-bounds for a punchline here. The point of the comic is humor, not harm. If it seems that a stereotype is being made fun of, you're right, it is. To be more clear, it is much more often than not the stereotype itself, and the users thereof, that is the punchline of the joke, and not the people which are grouped together by that stereotype. Occassionally, the humor is used as an escape mechanism for handling a sensitive issue; when this is the case, please consider yourself as being invited to explore deeply your own relationship with that topic.

3. Oh yeah, IE is not as W3C compliant as my source code is with regards to some style handling. I am content for now to have the IE version of the website look less perfect than the Firefox version looks (which is quite sweet). Also, the Opera version is eye candy until some of the CSS swaps happen, but then again, that's been a feature to them for the past 4+ years now.

4. Also, in case you need:

In summary: this is satire and sarcasm and not intended for harm. If your likeness goes viral on the Internet, it's fair use and nothing I say about it is meant as a personal reflection on you (even if it happens to be true).