When I started less than a month before the Presidential election of 2016, I simply wanted to add my name to the Write-In candidate list in my own home state of New York so that I could vote for someone in clear conscience. In the weeks that followed, there has been a fast mobilization of support. First, it was one interview. Then another. And then another. Using only word of mouth and social media, we spent $0 to get some amount of name recognition over many of the other Write-In candidates. This was not an accident. This was not a coincidence. This was tapping into a sentiment shared across communities. Thank you for your support and for letting me support you.

The long standing rivalry between two political parties has once again yielded candidates that both posture against each other as the lesser of two evils. Let me ask: Why would we be voting for any evils?.

Just as there are three branches of government in order to provide a check-and-balance mechanism, it's time to have a viable third party. Sadly, none of the previous attempts have captured the key point that would launch a viable third party. Too often, a third party has a third evil to vote for. Instead of focusing on the candidate, let's focus on building a viable third party out of principles. It's time to Vote Your Conscience. We know good from evil. And yet, we haven't actively stood up en masse, cast our votes, and had our voices heard for a different kind of candidate. Even if we do not win, we need to influence the electoral game that has been replaying itself for far too long.

At this time, we are not accepting donations. However, check back in the future for updates in initiatives, appearances, and donation policies.

How and Where to Vote - US Presidency 2016.

The following regions either have on file appropriate paperwork or require no such paperwork to allow Jason Mutford as a Write-In Candidate. Here are the three steps to casting a vote for Jason Mutford.

  1. Make sure that you are comfortable voting for Jason Mutford.
  2. Check your State's eligibilty:
    • Alabama
    • District of Columbia
    • Iowa
    • Mississippi
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New York - let's break the Write-In Candidate vote total record!!
    • Pennsylvania
    • Oregon
    • Rhode Island
    • Vermont
    • Wyoming
    Sadly, other regions will reject any Write-In vote for Jason Mutford at this time.
  3. During sign-in, request a ballot that has a Write-In option for U.S. President.
  4. Spelling counts!: Clearly write in the name Jason Mutford.
  5. Finally, submit the vote appropriately.

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